Abus Locks - Reviews

The Abus Long Shackle Laminated Padlock

If you are in need of a long shackled padlock and need it to be ultimately weatherproof this is the right product for you this by far one of the best locks I have reviewed in a long time and I was very pleased with its performance, when researching how this product was tested I was astonished when I found out that Abus had derived a way in which to test the products and ensure them for up to 40 years of lifespan in the most accelerated and harsh weather conditions.

Most padlocks would corrode and rust when exposed to these extreme conditions but this particular padlock did not and practically came out the same as it went in. All in with the weather benefits combined this lock is entirely secure from attack unlike many laminated Abus locks which have been poorly made in some way this one really steps up the game in the padlock industry.

If however you are looking for spare keys for your padlocks you can attain them from many online stores instead of going direct to a locksmith, all you need is the lock manufacturer and a key number or if you do not have a key there may be a number on the lock.